ARTS 302 – Digital Studio II

Course Overview

Digital Studio II provides a framework for students to gain independence in developing and executing creative work using digital tools. Throughout the course, students will define and execute a semester-long project, contextualize their work, and document their work and their process through a project blog. Students will speak about the development of their own projects during a series of in-class presentations, and they will react to the work of their peers in class and online.

Digital Studio I is a prerequisite for the course. Students will be involved in defining the software tools needed to execute their own projects, building upon the technical foundation developed in Digital Studio I. Students may employ a combination of the software tools explored in Digital Studio I (including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Logic, and Audacity), as well as additional software tools specific to individual projects.

Students will consider the context for the display of creative work through the development of a site-specific group projector project during the first weeks of the semester, and the development of a final event to showcase student projects at the end of the semester.

Course Objectives

  • Develop and nourish a playful creative spirit
  • Gain independence in defining creative projects
  • Gain independence in acquiring technical skills
  • Gain independence in project management through establishing a project timeline and articulating the intermediary steps of a long-term project
  • Contextualize one’s creative work
  • Consider the production of arts events
  • Speak articulately about one’s own work, the work of one’s peers, and the work of established artists